Adenoid Removal

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Adenoid Removal

When doctors say adenoid removal for children, their parents panic. However, as in every surgery, adenoid surgery has certain conditions. Tonsils and adenoids are at the beginning of the mechanism that protects our body against all kinds of viral or bacterial infections that can enter through the mouth and nose. Adenoid enlargement is one of the most common diseases in children aged 3-6 years, where the immune system is not fully developed. The most recurring infections in these age groups raise questions such as child – adenoid removalis it necessary and what are the conditions.

How are the Symptoms of Nasal Flesh Growth?

Similar symptoms are seen in adenoid and tonsil disorders. In order to distinguish this, it is absolutely necessary to go to a good ENT doctor. However, the common symptoms of adenoid enlargement are snoring due to congestion that may occur due to the large adenoid, sleeping with an open mouth, intense sweating in the neck and nape region. Adenoid enlargements are generally one of the body’s resistance mechanisms against recurrent infections. Therefore, high fever is seen and if infections are not prevented with the right treatment despite these symptoms, fluid accumulation in the ears and sequelae up to hearing loss may occur.

Should Antibiotics Be Used in Adenoid Enlargement?

Adenoid enlargement in children can be caused by viral or bacterial causes. Some children may have a large congenital adenoid, and these children can be infected frequently, especially in the pre-school period, which is 3 – 6 years old. Antibiotics given without a throat culture during these periods do not provide any benefit if the infection is viral. On the contrary, it causes the child’s body to develop resistance to antibiotics. For this reason, adenoid enlargement in children is a condition that should be carefully evaluated.

When adenoid should be removed in children?

Adenoid surgery, namely adeneidectomy, should be performed in tumors, tonsillar tuberculosis and diseases such as diphtheria without discussion. However, there are certain conditions for performing adenoidectomy due to recurrent infections. The first of these is that the child cannot be treated despite using more than 7 antibiotics per year, and the second is that there are symptoms such as open mouth breathing and frequent displacement while sleeping due to adenoid enlargement, or that the child is over 3 years old and under 7 years old. Because in groups over the age of seven, the adenoid shrinks spontaneously over time.