lipoliz bursa güzellik ve estetik merkezi ümit çakır


The lipolysis method is a very good option, especially for people who have weight problems. This method is a very effective regional slimming or local fat melting technique. During the application, phosphatidylcholine – PPC made from soy is used.

What Is Lipolysis Used For?

Lipotherapy is preferred for gynecomastia, some deformities that occur with lubrication, treatment for cellulite, removal of lipoma and fat around the eyes, and under-eye bags. In particular, it has been very effective in the treatment of fat in custody, which has recently been called cholesterol deposits.

In addition, lipolysis can be performed for the treatment of deformity that may occur after the removal of fat by surgical intervention. Especially women prefer the lipolysis method to destroy the orange peel appearance caused by cellulite in some parts of their body. In men, it is mostly used in the treatment of fat deposits on the back or sides. A slight bruising or itching may occur in the area where lipolysis was performed. However, this will soon pass.

How Many Sessions Should Be Done?

The number of sessions that this method will be effective in varies according to the health, weight, age and fat accumulation of the individuals. In general, it is necessary to apply at least two to four sessions to the problematic areas. 80 percent of people immediately notice the positive change in their bodies after the second session. After each session, the body reduces the fat deposits, which are solved by natural techniques, to zero on its own. It is known that the effect begins to be noticed after the third week and continues after 6 weeks.

In Which Regions Is It Effective?

Apart from the fat on the body, lipolysis can also minimize the jowl that occurs between the neck and the chin, the fat that occurs under the chin or the big bags under the eyes. At the same time, it is seen that liposuction is extremely effective in places where it is difficult to apply, such as the armpits. It can also be applied very easily in areas such as waist, sides, legs, arms, abdomen, hips and hips. If a balanced diet and exercise are adopted after the application, the results will be much longer-term.