Under Eye Light Filling

bursa göz altı ışık dolgusu ümit çakır kliniğinde medikal estetik

Under Eye Filler

Under-eye light filling is an effective option for treatment of under-eye bruises and collapse problems. After 7 days of light filling in the related area for the problems occurring in the lower part of the eye, enlightenment and a decrease in the tired appearance occur in the relevant area. Its main advantage is that it is natural and does not cause edema under the eyes. Another advantage is that the blue-toned light that occurs in some hyaluronic acid fillers is not seen in this type of filler. The right choice for this procedure would be to choose a clinic that is specialized in the field. Op.Dr. Ümit Çakır Clinic, located in Bursa, specializes in fillings such as chin fillers, lip fillers, botulinum toxin, under-eye light fillers.

Substances Contained in Under-Eye Light Filling

This type of filling has a rich content. In addition to hyaluronic acids, it contains 7 amino acids and 3 anti-oxidants and moisturizers. Amino acids increase the rate of collagen in the skin and moisturize the skin. In this way, the under-eye skin is nourished and has a healthier appearance in a short time. Antioxidants, on the other hand, protect the under-eye skin and support it to achieve a healthier structure. This filling is usually performed over a single session, but in severe bruising and collapses, it can be applied with two or more sessions if necessary.

Applicable Individuals

Under-eye light filling can be applied to individuals with eye sockets. This filler can also be applied to reduce bruises in the under-eye area. Due to its effective content, it also offers effective results in the reduction of under-eye wrinkles.

Impact Process

It continues its effect in the range of 6 to 8 months. Therefore, at the end of a maximum of 8 months, the process should be re-applied. In addition, when the process is re-applied, its permanence also increases.
It is a side-effect-free and extremely reliable method. For this reason, it can be safely applied to individuals of all ages. It should be applied by an expert in the field. You can contact us 24/7. As Turkey’s top quality aesthetic center, we offer this process and service at an affordable price tariff. You can fill out the online message form on our website for all filling treatments.