Face Lift / Rhytidectomy

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Face Lift / Rhytidectomy

In this article, we will give you the necessary information about facelift / rhytidectomy. Procedures other than surgery in aesthetics have become quite common. Devices working with Botulinum Toxin, radiofrequency, filler and laser energy are at the service of people in more than one center. With the success of these methods, it is possible to manage until the age of 50. In fact, in some face shapes, a younger appearance can be obtained by performing these procedures intermittently for a longer period of time. However, after the age of 50, sagging begins to occur, which is evident on the face of many people and cannot be resolved with other procedures. At this stage, facelift becomes essential. Irregularities in the skin, especially in the jawline and neck area, and the skin folds in front of the ears are quite disturbing.

How Does Face Lift Surgery Happen?

The face is a whole. It should never be considered as a single region. It also looks very pleasing to the eye when the whole face is harmonious as a whole. If the procedure performed during rhytidectomy surgery is described simply; By hanging the structure called Smass, which forms the muscle, fat and nervous tissue of the face, the sagging on the face is corrected and the skin that appears loose is removed to an appropriate extent. At the same time, signs of aging on the lower and upper eyelids can be corrected.

Skin is taken from this area, the displaced fat is transported to a suitable place and the excess ones are removed. In addition, sagging occurs in the neck region starting from the 60s. Again, during this facelift surgery, the neck muscle can also recover as if wearing an inner corset. Sagging skin can be removed to an appropriate extent. In patients who are overweight, it may be necessary to remove fat from the neck.

What Should Be Considered Before Surgery?

Before the facelift / rhytidectomy surgery, the consumption of drugs such as aspirin and vitamin E, herbal teas that are likely to increase bleeding should be discontinued. Smoking delays wound healing a lot, especially in face lift. Smoking should be stopped 3 weeks before surgery. Since the hair cannot be dyed for 1 month after the operation, dyeing can be done 1 week in advance.