Medical Skin Care

medical skin care bursa Dr. Ümit Çakır

Medical Skin Care

Thanks to our quality skin care devices, we offer medical skin care treatment in a flawless and extremely advantageous way. As the best quality and reliable medical skin care clinic in the sector, we offer the most affordable price tariff in medical skin care treatment. If you wish, you can make an appointment for free on our website and ask questions you want to ask our doctor.

What is Medical Skin Care?

Medical skin care is a skin care application performed by individuals who are experts in the field and over the highest quality medical skin care products. Thanks to the medical skin care application, deep skin cleaning and care is performed. Skin care is carried out step by step by our center. Apart from the skin care steps we apply, we can apply different skin care methods and peeling if needed.

Implementation Steps

As a professional medical skin care center, we first clean the skin deeply, deeply cleanse the skin of factors such as make-up and dirt, then we perform the first peeling and dead cells removal process through the peeling application, right after this stage, we apply warm steam to soften the skin. We destroy blackheads and small oil glands, then we perform peeling and relaxing mask application again, if necessary, we tighten the skin by radiofrequency up to 1 degree, and as a final treatment, we perform a massage on the skin with moisturizers and sunscreens.


Medical skin care, which is preferred over our company, has many benefits. Medical skin care application provides a healthy skin structure besides providing an aesthetic appearance on the skin. Especially if it is applied regularly, it removes sun spots and acne on the skin in a short time and permanently. It delays the aging process, nourishes the skin and gives a healthier and smoother appearance.

When you want a Medical Application or Aesthetic Operation service, you can visit our website and contact us 24/7. Dr. Ümit Çakır Clinic has proven itself in Bursa with its experience in Medical and Aesthetic Applications and the number of happy patients.