Cheek Aesthetics / Bichectomy

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Cheek Aesthetics / Bichectomy

cheek aesthetics / bichectomy, which takes its place among the rapidly spreading beauty and aesthetic trends, is also known as the Hollywood cheek. With the bichectomy operation, the cheeks are thinned and the cheekbones are made more prominent. Thus, it is possible to have more attractive facial features. Although this procedure is extremely easy and painless, it has become quite common in recent years. For those who are interested in the cheekbones, it is an operation where the fat on the cheeks is removed and the cheekbone appearance is given. It will be the right choice for those who like sharp facial features. This process, which is very popular especially abroad, has started to attract attention in our country. Because it is frequently made by Hollywood stars, it is called the Hollywood cheek. Thanks to this application, the person also has a younger appearance.

How Long Does Bichectomy Application Take?

Bichectomy requires an uncomplicated and short-term operation. General or local anesthesia can be applied optionally. The operation time usually takes between 45 minutes and 1 hour. It can be said that it is a risk-free and simple operation. The recovery period after surgery is also very short.

Cheek Aesthetics Recovery Process

Bichectomy is performed by removing some fat from the cheeks with tiny incisions made on the inside of the cheeks. These tiny incisions are stitched after surgery. For this reason, it is recommended to consume liquids for a few days after the surgery. Consuming solid food can damage the stitches. During this period when liquid food is consumed, mouthwash should be done regularly to accelerate the healing process in a hygienic way. Teeth should also be brushed. So you can avoid infection. In about 1 week, all the stitches on the cheeks dissolve. The feeling of pain or tenderness ceases. Full recovery takes about 1 month.

Who Can Have Bichectomy Application?

Especially people with fat and overweight face can easily have bichectomy application. Apart from this, those who have a cheek asymmetry on their face can also benefit from this application to equalize the image. This application will give a better result in those who have a full face. However, those who are not overweight can have a bichectomy for aesthetic reasons. You must be 18 years or older to use this application.