Jaw / Chin Filling

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Jaw Filling

One of the things that makes our face look more proportional, young and beautiful is the prominent jaw line. An oval-shaped chin for women and a wide chin for men makes the face look much more beautiful and attractive. It is also not desirable for the chin tip to be back. Another undesirable situation regarding the chin is the presence of a pit in the chin of women. Since this pit reminds a more masculine face, it is a situation that should be eliminated for women. So, is there a solution to these problems, and what can be done to make our chin look more prominent and ideal? Here is the answer to these questions with chin filling.

How To?

Our clinic is experienced and professional in plastic surgery and filling operations. You should not take risks in these operations, which are of great importance for your health, and you should definitely apply to a clinic that has received the necessary certificates. Our clinic and specialist physicians also perform chin filling. It is a very short procedure and generally performed in a single session. In order to give the desired shape to your chin, a special substance called hyaluronic acid, which is not harmful to health, is filled. During this procedure, local anesthesia is applied and an anesthetic cream is applied to the chin. After the cream, filling is done with non-pointed needles.

Is Jaw Filling Operations Successful?

Chin operations such as bringing the chin tip forward and giving the chin a more oval or wide appearance can be performed with chin filling. Most patients report satisfaction after the operation. In addition, this filler is effective for approximately one and a half to two years. There is no problem in doing it again later.

Can Anyone Have It?

In general, it is recommended that all surgical operations be performed after the age of 18, even if it is a minor procedure. However, in case of psychological problems in children who are aesthetically uncomfortable with their own appearance, this history may come to the fore a little more in the company of experts. Jaw filling can be applied to anyone who has discomfort with their chin in general and who has a problem with their chin objectively. Please come to our clinic in Bursa FSM to get information on this subject and to have a free examination, and we will help you decide.