mezoterapi bursa ümit çakır kliniği


Mesotherapy is a medical treatment method developed with the aim of curing diseases, originating from the middle layer of embryological life by injecting pharmacological and herbal drugs into certain parts of the body.

Ectoderm, Endoderm and Mesoderm, which are composed of stem cells and constitute life in embryological life, form all tissues and organs in the body. The treatment method, which has started to be used for the treatment of diseases that occur in organs originating from the mesoderm, has come to the present day and has taken its place in the direct treatment of many diseases or as a supportive treatment.

Mesotherapy Chairs are established in universities in many countries of the world, new developments are followed and studies are carried out on them. The inventor of this method, Dr. Pistor, while describing the Mesotherapy treatment method, stated that “It is a simple and new treatment method that increases the effectiveness of the treatment if the drugs are given near the area where the disease is located.” He introduced the concept of “At the Appropriate Place, in Less Amount, Less Frequent and Much Stronger”.

Low Dose Mesotherapy

The same or similar drugs are used orally, intravenously or intravenously, but more effect is obtained with a very small amount. The reason is that the drugs applied locally to the middle layer of the skin directly affect the area with the lesion. They show their effects without being broken down in the liver. For this reason, there are no systemic (affecting the whole body) interactions. Therefore, drugs that normally have a risk of toxic reactions when administered orally or intravenously can be used safely in mesotherapy.

With the right drugs, it is possible to treat many diseases with mesotherapy or supportive treatment in fewer sessions.

Convenient Location

It is very important to determine the application area of ​​mesotherapy in case of skin or hair problems, pain or different diseases. If the right place is found, it is possible to see a much stronger effect with much less product and much less frequently. For this reason, it must be done by a physician who is an expert in this field.

The name mesotherapy is used especially in many centers that do not have authority in this regard. Care should be taken in this regard. You can safely have mesotherapy treatment at Op.Dr. Ümit Çakır’s clinic.