Fractional Laser

fraksiyonel lazer bursa ümit çakır estetik ve güzellik merkezi

Fractional Laser

The Fractional laser method is a very effective type of laser that provides the opportunity to apply high energies on the skin in the form of columns within the laser technology that has been used for a long time.

What is Fractional Laser?

This type of laser is known as the up-to-date technology laser device included in the process for skin rejuvenation. This application has been the most preferred application technique in recent years due to its high therapeutic effect and low side effects. It can be easily used in the treatment of conditions such as facial sagging, acne scars, wrinkles, scars and cracks that occur in people. Again, the evaluations show that the feedback received after the application is positive.

Implementation Stages

First of all, since the skin’s sensitivity to the sun will increase after the application, it is generally recommended to have the application done in the autumn or winter seasons. Before the application, the skin must first be thoroughly cleaned. The skin is completely wiped with liquids that provide hygiene for protection from conditions such as infection. Pain relief regional anesthetic cream is applied to minimize the level of pain. Again, application glasses are worn to protect from light.

During the procedure, a scan is made on the skin surface at certain rates with the laser application device. Then the laser energy is reinforced to the skin in a porous way. What is recommended by experts is that protective measures should be taken after the procedure. In this way, no negative situation will be encountered.

How Many Sessions Are Done?

In fractional laser treatment, treatments are performed in sessions. And the process takes about 15 or 30 minutes on average in each session. If there is any complaint detected in the person, the treatment can be stretched at certain intervals for at least 3-5 sessions or 3-8 weeks. After the procedure, there may be a very slight redness and swelling in the existing area. Slight peeling and discoloration on the skin may also be noticeable. But such situations will pass in a very short time. Since the side effects of this application are seen very rarely in people, it can be said that the rate is very low.