Brow Lift Surgery

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Brow Lift Surgery

In this article, we will give you information about brow lift surgery. In addition to the beauty of the eyebrows themselves, it is also very important that the beauty of the eyes is highlighted and not suppressed. It is very important to plan eyebrow lifting operations in accordance with the details of the eyebrow shape and beauty preferred by the person. Lifting the starting point or ending point of the eyebrow less or more than it should be can cause undesirable aesthetic results. If the starting points of the eyebrows are too raised, an astonishing, surprised expression appears on the face. If the end point of the eyebrows is raised too much, this time an angry expression will be reflected on the face. The interaction of the eyebrows with the eyes is reduced, the eyes are revealed too much, and as a result, an unnatural appearance is revealed.

Brow Lift Surgery Content

Multiple different methods can be applied in brow lift surgeries. However, the most frequently applied and most popular method today is the procedures performed with the help of small and thin cameras called endoscopes, without making any incisions on the forehead and preventing scarring. In endoscopic brow lift operations, tiny holes are made from several different points on the inner side of the scalp. It is possible to perform this surgery without allowing almost any bleeding and leaving no scars on the forehead. Thanks to this surgical method, the formation of scars that occurs in the old methods is prevented and the recovery period is overcome in a much shorter time with less swelling. The disadvantage of this technique is that the incisions made in the hairy tissue cause some hair loss. It is recommended that patients who are very sensitive in this regard turn to other techniques.

Apart from this, eyebrow lifting operations are also performed with hidden incisions that can be made just above the eyebrow or from the wrinkles on the forehead and just in front of the hairline. These procedures are usually performed in patients who are older or who have severe eyebrow sagging even though they are young. At first, redness will occur at the incision sites for a certain period of time. But after a short time, almost no traces remain in these areas.