Tonsil / Adenoid Removal

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Tonsil / Adenoid Removal

Generally, tonsil and adenoid problems are seen in children. This does not mean that these problems do not occur in adults. On the contrary, this disorder, which is also seen in adults, causes more problems as it grows if it is not treated as a child. Children or adults with swollen tonsils may experience symptoms such as fever, difficulty breathing, and earaches. Symptoms seen in children and adults with adenoid enlargement are difficulty in breathing, snoring, sleeping with an open mouth, etc. problems are observed.

As a result of the infection of the tonsils and the enlargement of the adenoid, the quality of life of the patients decreases. Therefore, such diseases should be treated at younger ages. When it comes to surgery, especially the relatives of the patients are hesitant. But there is no need for this reservation. Because the operations to be performed are not operations that will be that big. Such surgeries are short-lived and less dangerous. After the operation, the difference increases considerably. It is almost as if children and adults are relieved by these operations and their quality of life increases.

Tonsil Removal

This method is used when there is no response from non-operative treatments. In general, the drugs given for tonsil swelling are not a permanent solution. When the disease starts, the drugs used are effective for a certain period of time. However, the disease recurs in a small cold. Users who increase the dose of medication as the disease recurs make mistakes. Because drugs do not provide a permanent solution. Therefore, surgery is generally recommended.

Tonsil surgeries are performed in two ways. If the tonsils of the patient are not inflamed, the tonsils are reduced with just a small operation. The small piece remaining inside can meet the entire task of the tonsil. However, if the tonsil is inflamed and the disease has been attacked more than four times a year, the entire tonsil must be removed. In this case, surgeons remove the entire tonsil. Because the constant use of antibiotics can sometimes be dangerous. In this procedure, a small operation is performed. The doctor determines the necessary criteria for the surgery according to the patient.

Taking Nasal Meat

If the adenoid has reduced the quality of life, it is decided to perform surgery. There is no specific age criterion for surgery. If there are discomforts such as snoring and sweating, it is recommended to be taken regardless of the size of the adenoid. The adenoid is either growing before the age of three or growing after the age of seven. If there is adenoid enlargement outside these ages, the situation can be dangerous. However, if adenoid reduces the quality of life, it is recommended to be removed with a small operation at a young age.