Mole Removal

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Mole Removal

Removal is not an operation to worry about. Moles can be found in anyone. Some are congenital, while others appear later. Since they do not cause any health problems, they do not pose a big problem. If they have a large appearance, they can only cause trouble when found on the face.

What is a Mole?

The flat or fluffy structures that appear in people’s bodies without a clear cause are called moles. Moles can be present in any person.

Research shows that moles appear in the first twenty years of a person’s life. Birthmarks mixed with moles or conditions that occur due to vascular enlargement are evaluated separately from moles.

Is It Risky To Have It Removed?

People have a false belief that the mole removal process causes cancer. Not all moles removed by an operation cause cancer and may not be dangerous. If the person already has cancer and this condition has been detected after mole removal, it is a wrong perception to attribute it to mole. As a result of the evaluations made, whether a mole causes cancer or not is seen from the changes in mole during the process. And the intervention is done in this direction.

How is the Mole Removal Process?

The mole removal procedure is performed through local anesthesia. In this way, the person does not feel any pain or ache during the surgery. During the operation, while anesthesia is performed, small needles are used around the mole and its lower region. The effect of anesthesia shows itself very quickly. After the application of anesthesia, surgical intervention begins and both the mole and the subcutaneous fat tissue are completely removed.

While all these practices are taking place, it is completely expelled from the body without leaving any trace of mole. After this intervention, the wound is closed by suturing. If there is no problem, the general surgical intervention is completed in half an hour.

If the application is done meticulously, there may be a little or no trace left in the area. If you are also uncomfortable with a mole in your body, you can do a good research in this sense and ask our doctor questions that come to your mind, and you can make an easier decision in this direction.