Eyelid and Eye Bag Aesthetics

Göz Kapağı ve Göz Torbası Estetiği

Eyelid and Eye Bag Aesthetics

Glances are one of the most important elements that affect the entire expression of the face and reflect the mood. Generally, problems related to the eyelid are experienced in middle and over middle age. Eye bags can be a problem for people of all ages, old and young. So, what is eyelid and eye bag aesthetics? What should be considered before and after aesthetics? Here are the details:

What is Eyelid Aesthetics?

The problems that occur in the eyelids increase especially with the advancement of age. As age progresses, sagging of the eyelid, wrinkles on the sides of the eyelids and puffiness due to fat can be seen. Eyelid disorders make people look older, tired and sleepy than they are. At this point, eyelid aesthetics provides solutions to problems. Anyone who does not have any other health problems can have eyelid aesthetics.

In eyelid aesthetics, an incision is made over the natural fold lines of the eyelid and excess skin and fat layers are cleaned through the created incision. After this step, the problems will disappear.

What is Eye Bag? Why Does It Occur?

Eye bags are the parts of the lower eyelid that look like bags. People who complain about this situation mostly got positive results and got rid of their problems thanks to the eye bag aesthetics. Eye bags may occur depending on age, genetic factors and environmental factors. Apart from these, excessive smoking and alcohol consumption, excessive computer use and sleep disorders can also cause eye bags.

What is Eye Bag Aesthetics?

The technique of eye bag aesthetics is determined by the specialist doctor. The chosen technique will also change the duration and stages of plastic surgery. Before the eye bag aesthetics, the patient is examined in detail and after the detailed examination, it is determined which problems are experienced in the eye area. Eye bag aesthetics takes approximately 1 hour and the excess skin is removed from the eye and the under eye is stretched. After aesthetics, the eye area can maintain its new state for many years. If necessary, it can be done in a second surgery. After eyelid aesthetics, dryness, tearing and burning sensations may occur in the eye. It may take 3-4 weeks for these feelings to pass.