Slimming Dr. Ümit Çakır Bursa


Losing weight and having a fit body is everyone’s dream. Especially when approaching the summer months, excess weight is a nightmare for women. Men, on the other hand, aim to have a fit body in the summer months. Many diets and sports programs are tried to be applied to lose weight. However, losing weight is a serious process and should be done by getting expert help. Unconsciously applied diet and sports programs turn into a threat to the health of those who want to lose weight. The number of people who lost their lives as a result of the applications made in newspapers, magazines and news programs to lose weight is not to be underestimated. Trying to lose weight with diet programs from different sources, operations performed by non-experts and hearsay can cost you your life.

What Should Be Considered While Slimming?

Those who want to lose weight by getting rid of excess weight should first make this decision with a specialist doctor. Attention should be paid to the analysis and examination of body values ​​(such as blood, weight, height, age, lifestyle, fat ratio) by the specialist physician. As a result of the controls, it is important to determine the methods to be applied for weight loss and to accept this method by the person who wants to lose weight. The person who wants to lose weight must comply with the nutrition and movement (sports) conditions regulated by the specialist doctor. It should not be forgotten that the nutrients and fluids needed by the body are not slimmed by cutting, but health deteriorates. Weight loss that is not under the control of a doctor can cause the natural shape of the body to deteriorate and cause sagging.

Methods Used for Weight Loss

Although men have given importance to slimming recently, especially women have applied different methods to lose weight in many periods of their lives. The most common diet programs are protein diet, liquid diet, herbal teas and diets identified with celebrities. Recently popular diets are Atkins, Dukan, Weight Watchers, Alkaline nutrition, Vegan nutrition, Mediterranean diet, Swedish diet, Raw nutrition and Paleo diet. Weight loss is a procedure that can be done by anyone. But the important thing is to determine the most suitable method for the body structure of the person who wants to lose weight. For this, those who want to lose weight should get rid of their weight in a healthy way by getting expert support. Weight can be lost, but if health is lost, it is difficult to gain.