Ozone Therapy

ozon terapi bursa ümit çakır

Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy or oxygen therapy is a treatment method within the scope of alternative medicine and performed using ozone gas.

In this treatment method, ozone, a colorless gas consisting of three oxygen atoms, is used.

Ozone therapy used in medicine disinfects the used area, increases the body’s oxygen intake, and strengthens the immune system. It has been used frequently in the past for many reasons.

Ozone therapy, which was also used during the First World War, had an important place in the healing and disinfection of wounds and also due to its anti-inflammatory effect. Subsequently, it has been a very useful treatment method for people who have been infected with the HIV virus.

When we look at the recent times, it is a very popular treatment method, especially because of the use of women for cosmetic purposes and its anti-aging effects. With this treatment method, the amount of oxygen in the blood is increased, as well as oxygenation of all tissues in the body. In this way, it has many effects such as keeping the skin more flexible, reducing the effects of aging, accelerating the healing process of wounds, detoxifying the blood and liver and strengthening the immune system.

Miraculous Ozone Therapy / Treatment

Ozone therapy was frequently used in operating theaters for sterilization in the 1800s. Then it was used to treat many diseases such as tuberculosis and HIV. Today, this treatment method, which is used for many purposes, maintains its popularity with its anti-aging effects.

Ozone is an agent with antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. For this reason, it provides a very effective treatment against microbial conditions in the body for any reason.

Today, antibiotics are mostly used in the treatment of diseases caused by bacteria and viruses. These antibiotic drugs used destroy the bacteria and viruses in the body, but they also damage the beneficial bacteria and cells in the body. Considering this situation, thanks to ozone therapy, recovery can be achieved without being exposed to the toxic effects of antibiotics. In addition, if it is used for preventive purposes, it also reduces the risk of catching such diseases.

Ozone therapy is usually applied in 15-20 minute sessions. Thanks to the oxygen applied to the blood, an oxygenated and hygienic environment is created in which cells that reproduce and survive in oxygen-free environments such as bacteria or fungi cannot develop. Thus, bacteria, fungi or toxic conditions that cause many diseases are eliminated or prevented.

Preventive Ozone Therapy / Treatment

Our quality of life is affected by the intense work tempo, the stress of daily life, various bacteria and viruses in the environment, and often the immune system is weakened. In such cases, our risk of contracting many diseases, including the flu, increases. In order to find a solution to this situation, thanks to the ozone therapy applied for precautionary purposes, the collapse of the immune system is prevented and the necessary support is provided for the body, which is exposed to intense stress, to recover and survive.

In addition, the elasticity and quality of the skin are preserved in the therapies applied as anti-aging. Ozone application, which fights intensely against the effects of aging, also helps to remove toxic effects from the body.

The Benefits and Uses of Ozone Therapy

  • Helps strengthen the immune system,
  • Supports liver cleansing,
  • It is beneficial in the treatment of cancer patients,
  • Effective in the treatment of circulatory disorders,
  • Fights infections caused by bacteria and viruses,
  • Delays the aging process,
  • Plays a role against fatigue and stress,
  • It leads to positive developments in the treatment of rheumatic diseases,
  • Effective in the treatment of diabetes,
  • Provides treatment for joint stiffness and allergies.