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Our blog posts are about the procedures, Op.Dr.Ümit Çakır Clinic serves ;

Surgical Procedures;

Medical Aesthetic Procedures;

as well as

Child Applications;

such transactions and

Other Operations;

It consists of both informative and curious topics.

The Purpose of Blogs and Articles

The information given in our blogs and articles is purely for general culture purposes,  It would be better to meet with Op.Dr. Ümit Çakır.

If you have questions that you are curious about and expect answers to, please contact our doctor. An article on these topics will be written as soon as possible.

In our blog and articles,  Information about the procedures performed in Op.Dr. Ümit Çakır’s clinic, what kind of procedures they are, who can or should have these procedures, what kind of preparation should be made before these procedures are performed, what should be done after the procedures and if necessary, how long the procedures should be performed are presented.

In addition, it will be explained how the applications, which are widely known among the public, but many of them may be wrong or even harmful, should actually be done and the benefits – harm issues.

A very important issue is that these procedures should be carried out by specialist doctors. Today, some beauty centers are putting public health at risk by trying to implement these procedures, even though they do not have any competence. Op.Dr. In Ümit Çakır’s clinic, surgical procedures are performed by our operator, while medical aesthetic procedures and laser epilation, slimming and medical skin care procedures are performed by expert estheticians.

You can trust Op.Dr. Ümit Çakır in Aesthetic Nose Surgery / Rhinoplasty, Botulinum Toxin and Lip Filling in Bursa.  He can examine you free of charge in his clinic at FSM and give you information about the operation you want to have.

Salmon prevents aging! Scientific research has revealed that the main reasons for the changes caused by aging are the decreased proteins and moisture in the skin. It has been proven that the best source that can supplement the proteins lost in the skin is salmon fish DNA because of its similarity to human DNA. A […]

Prices in Nose Aesthetics and Factors Affecting Prices Rhinoplasty is sometimes done out of necessity and sometimes on personal request in order to look more stylish. In both cases, the procedures to be done to correct the defect in the nose structure are different. The tip of the nose, which is lower than the nose […]

Bruise, Swelling and Healing Process After Nose Aesthetics The recovery process varies according to the structure of the person and the operation performed, and the average recovery time is variable. However, temporary bruising and swelling may occur after rhinoplasty. People apply to rhinoplasty when they have a health problem or want to have an aesthetic […]

Breathing Comfortable and Rhinoplasty Operation Rhinoplasty is important in terms of both shape appearance and health. Many people cannot breathe easily due to the disorder in the nasal structure. People who have difficulty in breathing due to the structure of the nose, apply to plastic surgeons, have their nose aesthetics done and begin to live […]

Should Lip Filling Be Natural or Prominent? Among the beauty details that women attach the most importance to, their lips are prominent and full. However, depending on age and genetic characteristics, some lips may have different asymmetric sizes and wrinkle levels. This situation creates problems in women’s efforts to beautify. Aesthetic interventions are involved in […]