Is It Dangerous to Remove Moles with Laser?

Moles can cause discomfort in some people, especially in the face area. However, despite this ailment, people do not want to get rid of their moles for fear of surgery. Since herbal methods often do not work, laser remains the most used method to get rid of moles. When it comes to laser, many people ask the question of whether the laser will leave a trace. Although laser is not defined as a very effective method since it will remove moles superficially, there is no danger.

How is Mole Removal done with Laser?

The laser system affects cells that have a darker color than your skin. That’s why it affects mole. When the laser is applied, it gives a heat of 130 degrees. Due to this heat, the dark colored cells in the skin begin to be adversely affected. Because dark colors absorb more heat. As it absorbs the heat, the dark colored area becomes irritated and after a while it leaves the place. Thus, the mole is removed and the normal color of the skin emerges from underneath.

Does It Harm The Skin?

People who want to have moles removed with laser are most curious about whether this treatment harms the skin. Some rumors even claim that laser causes skin cancer. However, contrary to this claim, laser mole removal never harms the skin. In fact, laser treatment is also applied to the ailments in babies. Laser is also commonly used in moles called vein moles. Laser treatment is also used when the capillaries cause both pain and appearance disorder in the legs.

Scar Status and Surgery

Moles, also called nevus, can appear in many parts of your body. However, when we look at women, it is seen that moles appear mostly on the face. During pregnancy, moles can increase even more. Although it is not bothered at first, as the moles increase more and more, they give an aesthetically bad appearance. During the removal of moles on the face, therefore, laser is used to prevent scarring, and there is no trace or stain left during and after this laser. However, in some moles, the laser does not work and therefore surgery is required.