How is Chin Filling Performed?

First of all, it should be noted that every surgical and filling operation should be performed in an authorized clinic. You should also make sure that there are doctors who are experts in the subject in this clinic and that the operation is performed by them. Jaw filling is an operation that takes a very short time. This procedure is not very challenging for patients. Anyone who is not satisfied with the appearance of their chin can have chin fillers.

How To?

Those whose chin is slightly behind and whose chin line is unclear do not like this look. In addition, women do not like a wide chin and a dimple in the chin, while men do not like an oval and small chin. Anyone who wants to make the appearance of their face more masculine or more feminine can benefit from chin fillers. During this procedure, the chin area is anesthetized with an anesthetic cream. Then, a filler is injected into your chin with needles that are not very sharp.

How Long Does the Jaw Filling Process Take?

Chin filling is a very short procedure that takes about fifteen minutes. This short period of time is sufficient for the filler to be injected into your chin, but it is also waited for adequate numbness before the operation. This waiting period does not exceed half an hour. If the filling process is performed with instruments called cannulas with a non-pointed tip and you have this procedure done in a specialist clinic, you will not encounter any bruising or pain. It is possible to return to your work life and daily routine immediately after the procedure.

Which substance is injected into your chin?

The substance to be injected into your chin is of great importance. This substance should not cause any harm to the body. Generally, hyaluronic acid is used in this type of filling process. This substance does not harm the body and is a special substance that should be used in filling processes. In fact, it is a substance that is already present in our body and provides all our vital activities. It is preferred in aesthetic and surgical operations to delay the effects of aging and to gain fuller and more prominent body lines. Let us remind you again that the clinic you choose for such operations is reliable and competent, as it is important to be careful about such substances.