Immune Strengthening with Ozone Therapy

Ozone Therapy is one of the new applications used to strengthen the immune system. The body’s resistance to external threats (viruses, microbes, etc.) is defined as the immune system. The immune system is affected by many factors, causing the body to weaken. The air we breathe and the food we consume affect the immune system the most. Enter the body, the nutrients are processed with the oxygen in the air we take.
It provides us with energy production. During the production of the energy necessary for the body, formations that will have a negative effect on the body also occur. The most dangerous of these formations is the release of the substance called “oxidant”. The resulting oxidants settle in the cells and disrupt the natural nutrition and working order of the cell. With these deteriorations in cells, cancerous formations occur. If oxidants are not removed from the body, they invite acute and chronic diseases.

What are the Benefits of Ozone Therapy?

The nutrients we take into our body and harmful formations in the air directly mix with the blood and reach all parts of the body. Some of these oxidants formed in the body are excreted naturally (such as urine, sweating). However, the weakening of the immune system, that is, the system that fights these oxidants (antioxidant), is insufficient to remove oxidants from the body at a sufficient level. In such cases, ozone therapy is preferred to remove oxidants from the body. Ozone activates the antioxidant system in the body and strengthens the immune system. In the system called ozone therapy or treatment, the cells receive more oxygen by applying 100 oxygen / 1 ozone to the cells. Getting enough oxygen to the cells will help the blood circulation to be healthier.

How is Ozone Therapy Applied?

Applying ozone therapy to everyone is not the right choice. Ozone therapy should be applied to people with weakened immune system. Ozone therapy should be performed under the control of a specialist physician. Inhalation of ozone gas directly into the lungs causes serious irritations. For this reason, ozone therapy is done over blood. It is also applied to the outer parts of the body using different methods. The area where ozone therapy will be applied must be cleaned by washing and must be moist during ozone application. In ozone therapy, the specialist physician determines a different application method for each disease. Application of ozone therapy by non-experts may cause irreparable results for the patient.